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Charles and Ray Eames LCM Lounge Chair - Miller USA around 1950/60

Charles and Ray Eames LCM Lounge Chair - Miller USA around 1950/60

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LCM stands for Lounge Chair Metal, Cherrywood

This one retains the orange Herman Miller label indicating the early 60s/70s. The chair is very comfortable and unique in design.

The end of World War II allowed Charles to combine the experimental plywood techniques he had helped develop with his long-standing interest in furniture design. The result was a series of four chairs known to history as "the Eames chairs." have been defined. The LCM was one of the first of the four adult chairs to be released with the new material, along with the dining room version DCM and the wooden legs DCW and LCW.

Although most were made in the readily available birch or ash, the Eames LCM Side Chair was made in a variety of other woods, including walnut and later rosewood. They were also upholstered with factory fabrics and those later designed by Alexander Girard for Herman Miller.

Many of the plywood products went out of production in the late 1950s, largely due to new trends and new materials becoming available to designers. They were of course superseded by the introduction of the plastic chair range, but they too were based on the idea of ​​changing bases and panels that started with the plywood range. However, the LCM and its sister DCM were spared and continued to be produced over the decades until today.

The Eames Plywood Lounge Side Chair was first manufactured by the Evans Plywood Company in Los Angeles, California. After some time, production was moved to Grand Lake, Michigan, with the Herman Miller company being the main distributor. In 1949, the Evans company sold the furniture line and all of its rights to Herman Miller, who continued production for decades.

Part of the first group of commercially published furniture designs by Charles and Ray Eames, the 1946 LCM was one of two lounge chair options made from the newly developed postwar molded plywood. Originally manufactured by Evans, Herman Miller took over full production in 1949 and has continued to develop the design since then. Over the years they have released the chair in a full range of veneer finishes including Rosewood, Calico Ash, Walnut, Cherry and Rosewood. The video features a beautiful, original and authentic Herman Miller LCM from the early 1960s, made from the popular Calico Ash with medium tones.

Dimensions: 78 x 49 x 42 cm

Provenance: Burgerspital Bern

Chrome steel legs with slight rust. Shock absorbers will need to be replaced in the future but are still in good condition. Wood has been freshly restored and hand polished.

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