Bleiglasverglasung Gemeindehaus Muri

Leaded glass glazing Muri Community Centre

Yoki's leaded glass in the Muri community center is an outstanding work of art that impresses visitors with its colorful and detailed design. Yoki, a renowned artist, has created a masterpiece that combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design. The glazing features a variety of motifs that reflect the region's cultural and historical heritage. The play of light and colors creates fascinating effects that immerse the room in a unique atmosphere. The leaded glass windows are not only a decorative element, but also a symbol of the creativity and craftsmanship that is cultivated in Muri.

Yoki is the artist name of Emil Zbinden (1908-1991), a Swiss painter, draftsman and glass painter. He is known for his work in leaded glass as well as for his illustrations and prints. Zbinden was born near Bern and spent most of his life in Switzerland. His works are characterized by an intensive engagement with the Swiss landscape, culture and society. Through his diverse works of art, Yoki has made a significant contribution to the Swiss art scene and his leaded glass windows in the Muri community center are an example of his masterful ability to combine art and craft.

We were able to carefully dismantle and store the glass panels with our partner Proverit Glas until they are reinstalled in the newly renovated community center at the end of 2024.

Client / Contractor:
Municipality of Muri near Bern

Architecture / Construction management:
Co. Architects, Bern

Proverit Glas AG, Ittigen

Bahnhofstrasse 4, 3073 Muri near Bern


Investment costs:

Under construction

Public buildings

Dismantling, storage, assembly, photographic reproduction and calculation of restoration costs

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