Carpet cleaning

Quality and ecology are very important to us, because carpet and curtain cleaning is a matter of trust. This is also how we choose our partners. So that your carpet can ensure a good climate in your rooms again, it is only washed with cold water and a special soap that is biodegradable and was developed specifically for the needs of our customers. There is a knock. Very delicate and antique carpets are cleaned by hand. For delicate or heavily soiled materials, we recommend floor washing and for easy-care textiles we often turn to carpet washing. Carpets that are slightly out of shape are clamped in the tenter frame and brought back into their original shape with the addition of steam.

We are just as protected against moths, dust mites and other vermin as we are against smells. Even urine or smoke can be neutralized using a special disinfectant process. In the case of water or fire damage, a flushing oil is often sprayed on after the special treatment, which serves to saturate the colors and protect the fibers. By treating with TOPCARE stain protection, your carpets will be protected from future stains. Water-soluble stains roll off the finished fibers.
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