Upholstery, wallpaper and curtains

We offer a wide range of upholstery services, in both traditional and modern styles. For traditional upholstery, we use hand-laced double-conical furniture springs, coconut hair as upholstery material, horsehair as a soft pad and cotton wool as a cover. Alternatively, we offer modern upholstery with spring cores and environmentally friendly foams from sustainable production. We have a diverse selection of international fabric collections from well-known manufacturers such as Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren Home, Casamance, Houlès, Nya Nordiska, JAB Anstoez, Romo, Grace de Lino, Simta, Arredamento Lombardo, Winter Collection and Warwick.

Our services include reupholstering chairs, sofas, armchairs and other furniture, upholstering in a modern or traditional style, contract upholstery, making custom cushions and covers, bespoke upholstered furniture manufacturing, bespoke curtain making and disassembly and assembly furniture.

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