Every order is different, every production and story is unique. Therefore, everything is examined individually so that the best possible restoration option can be chosen. The value of antiques and historical interior fittings or goods is defined primarily by their quality and ultimately by their use. If this basis of both no longer exists, an art or cultural asset loses value. With minimal effort, we restore true to the original and materials in order to give the object back its value.

Restoration at CARMINE HOME

What we offer

Surface treatment

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We specialize in the care and restoration of wooden surfaces and mainly use environmentally friendly, water-based varnishes. Our work includes removing old paint and varnish, staining, hand polishing with shellac, matting as well as oiling, waxing, polishing and varnishing wooden surfaces. We also take care of repairs for damage such as transport, water or fire damage to wood and veneer. Additionally, we offer lock cleaning, lubrication and repair, and we can make missing keys. Window fittings can also be upgraded to new locking systems and all of our materials are sustainably sourced. We attach great importance to preserving the natural patina of wooden surfaces and restore them according to their age and style. If you have any problems with antique wooden doors, floors, cassettes, dressers or stair handrails, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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Paintings on wall surfaces accompany us every day and are a testimony to centuries of art and cultural history. Damage to murals is mainly due to environmental influences. Paintings on facades are particularly exposed to the weather. These include water, UV radiation, salts, pollutants in the air as well as fungi and other microorganisms.
Wall painting is firmly connected to its surface, so the history of the painting is strongly linked to the history of the building. This is the biggest challenge in the area of ​​monument protection. Inscriptions, frescoes, ründi paintings and peasant paintings on cupboards, chests or walls.

Marbling & wood imitation

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In the Baroque period, marble imitations were often used as decorative effects. Color contrasts were used without imitating a specific type of stone. The aim was to create an impressive impression. These marble imitations were carried out using water-based techniques (glue-bound, lime or casein paints) as well as oil paint techniques.
Imitation wood developed significantly in France at the end of the 17th century and always had the intention of replicating nature. Marble imitations, on the other hand, leave more room for imagination and reached a level of perfection in the Baroque period that they never regained. Shapes and colors in particular came from pure imagination. Whether oak grain, beech or mahogany - we imitate every type of wood.

Chandelier & electricity

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All chandeliers are carefully checked in our studio and restored if necessary. Every chandelier is technically checked. We always check whether the electrical wiring and sockets are OK and replace them if necessary.
We will completely dismantle the chandelier. The old wires on which the tenons hang are cut and the tenons are cleaned. The decorative vases, pinnacles and other glass elements are also individually separated from the body and cleaned.
The body is gently cleaned so that the patina is preserved. After cleaning, the cones are fitted with a new brass wire and reattached to the body of the chandelier.

Stuccoing and modeling of wood, plaster, porcelain & marble

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Historically, Baroque, Rococo, and early 19th century stucco consisted primarily of lime mortar, occasionally mixed with plaster. Later, from the late 19th century, pure plaster stucco was predominantly used. The lime or lime gypsum stucco was made on site. In this area we focus mainly on the reconstruction of broken plaster parts on mirrors or ceiling decorations as well as the repair of broken porcelain and figures. This also includes color adjustment and retouching. Our services include cleaning, exposing, crack repair, gluing and securing as well as retouching and color adjustments.

Painting & frame restoration

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In addition to the usual dust and dirt on the surface, a painting is often yellowed or clouded with nicotine stains. Microbial infestation, such as mold, requires special measures under specially protected conditions.
By removing the varnish, browned and antique oil paintings can be refreshed and extensively cleaned. To ensure that the paint layer is always firm, we putty any chipped areas and retouch them true to the original. Cracks in canvases are also glued and breakouts are repaired. Repairs are made to damage to the stretcher frame and to canvases that are no longer flat. Gilded picture frames are refreshed and plaster chips are remodeled, retouched and patinated again.

Leather writing entries and documents

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In our studio we replace your brittle, stained leather writing pads. You choose from a large color palette of exclusive, naturally dyed and waxed goat leather. With a passion for masterful quality, we cut the leather and can also engrave it for you.

We have also consciously decided against cheap, environmentally harmful Asian leather. Our adhesives contain water and are solvent-free.

Carpet cleaning

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Quality and ecology are very important to us, because carpet and curtain cleaning is a matter of trust. This is also how we choose our partners. So that your carpet can ensure a good climate in your rooms again, it is only washed with cold water and a special soap that is biodegradable and was developed specifically for the needs of our customers. There is a knock. Very delicate and antique carpets are cleaned by hand. For delicate or heavily soiled materials, we recommend floor washing and for easy-care textiles we often turn to carpet washing. Carpets that are slightly out of shape are clamped in the tenter frame and brought back into their original shape with the addition of steam.

We are just as protected against moths, dust mites and other vermin as we are against smells. Even urine or smoke can be neutralized using a special disinfectant process. In the case of water or fire damage, a flushing oil is often sprayed on after the special treatment, which serves to saturate the colors and protect the fibers. By treating with TOPCARE stain protection, your carpets will be protected from future stains. Water-soluble stains roll off the finished fibers.

Curtain and curtain cleaning

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Curtains in the home accumulate dust and microorganisms and should therefore be cleaned or washed regularly by professionals. We offer various curtain cleaning methods including dry cleaning, wet cleaning and normal washing. Our large ironing press and the largest hand ironing table in Switzerland ensure that your curtains are smooth again and, if necessary, the right length. Our repair service can shorten curtains, repair them, replace broken sliders and, if necessary, disassemble and reinstall them in your home.

Upholstery, wallpapering & curtains

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We offer a wide range of upholstery services, in both traditional and modern styles. For traditional upholstery, we use hand-laced double-conical furniture springs, coconut hair as upholstery material, horsehair as a soft pad and cotton wool as a cover. Alternatively, we offer modern upholstery with spring cores and environmentally friendly foams from sustainable production. We have a diverse selection of international fabric collections from well-known manufacturers such as Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren Home, Casamance, Houlès, Nya Nordiska, JAB Anstoez, Romo, Grace de Lino, Simta, Arredamento Lombardo, Winter Collection and Warwick.

Our services include reupholstering chairs, sofas, armchairs and other furniture, upholstering in a modern or traditional style, contract upholstery, making custom cushions and covers, bespoke upholstered furniture manufacturing, bespoke curtain making and disassembly and assembly furniture.

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