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1 pair of Bernese tongue chairs, 18th century

1 pair of Bernese tongue chairs, 18th century

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Cherry tree, beautifully curved and very comfortable.

Dimensions : 103 x 55 x 44 cm

Note: Freshly restored, upholstered and covered in white by Carmine Home . Select the fabric and your individually tailored seating furniture is ready. ( The cover work is offered as individually as your seating furniture )

Provenance: Estate of Albert & Rudolf von Gross (Dermbach 1912 & 1914-2002) sons of Siegfried von GROSS (1870-1955) district captain of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach, state governor of the Prussian Guard, castellan of Dermbach, OSJ and Ep.1911 Johanna Ziegler (1877-1945), EHL doctorate in law, hotelier in Ain-Diab, Casablanca, Morocco (adopted in 1925 by Henri von ROTT). Ep. 1953 Liliane PETER, various LIAUTAUD (1915-1987) Without descendants. (

The von GROSS family is a patrician family originally from Zofingen in Aargau, where they lived from the middle of the 16th century (Gesellschaft zu Pfistern), members of the Grand Council in 1645, until 1798. The GROSS men provided the Bern city clerk four times. There were numerous council members, officers in the service of France, Holland, England and Piedmont, Franz-Gabriel von GROSS (1715-1785) Bernese general, chamberlain of Saxe-Weimar, commander of the grand ducal military establishment. She owned the TREVELINS estate near Aubonne and the HUBELGUT in Habstetten. Obtaining the particles in Vienna in 1783, title of baron, by Emperor Joseph II of Austria.

A Bernese line died out in 1899 with Karl Rudolf Hermann von Gross (1824-1899), an officer in Austria. Weimar branch with Siegfried Wilhelm Gabriel von GROSS (1870–1955) and his two sons Rudolf von GROSS (1912–2002) and Albert von GROSS (1914–2002) Law and lic. im sc. politics settled in Bern after leaving Nazi Germany when Hitler came to power in 1933.

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