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Aurora butterfly - Anthocharis cardamines

Aurora butterfly - Anthocharis cardamines

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Aurora butterfly - Anthocharis cardamines

Anthocharis cardamines, known in English as the Aurora butterfly, is a butterfly in the Pieridae family that is widespread in Europe and parts of Asia. The Aurora butterfly is known for its vibrant colors and striking appearance, especially in males.

The wings of the Aurora butterfly have a distinctive pattern, which in males is a bright orange base color combined with black spots and a broad black band along the edge of the wing. Females have a similar pattern, but with a pale, yellowish base color. Both sexes have conspicuous orange to red spots on the forewings.

The habitat of the Orange-breasted butterfly includes open landscapes such as meadows, roadsides, clearings and forest edges. The caterpillars of this species feed mainly on the leaves of cruciferous plants, especially meadowfoam (Cardamine pratensis) and garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata).

The Aurora butterfly is known for its springtime presence and is one of the first butterflies to fly in spring. Males are often territorial and will defend their territory against other males. They fly actively in search of females and food plants.

The species is popular with nature lovers and butterfly watchers and is often seen in gardens and parks collecting nectar from various flowering plants. However, the Aurora butterfly is threatened in some regions due to habitat loss and environmental changes.

Protecting and conserving their habitats is therefore crucial to ensure the long-term survival of this fascinating butterfly species and to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty and diversity of nature.

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