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Stick insect - Tagesoidea nigrofasicata

Stick insect - Tagesoidea nigrofasicata

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Tagesoidea nigrofasicata
is an insect from the genus of stick insects.

The animals appear robust, especially the females. The adult males are 55–59 mm long, the females 77–96 mm. Their flight wings are relatively large with a wingspan of around 13 cm. The animals are very shiny and strikingly colored. The head, body and legs of the females are bright yellow to pale green, while the head and thorax of the males are metallic dark blue or green, the abdomen is dark blackish brown and the legs are black. In females, the front wings are light green, the rear wings are light yellow with a broad black and white radial stripe; the front wings of males are bright yellowish green, the rear wings are yellow with a broad black marginal band. There are no ocelli on the head; the antennae are filiform and take up 3/4 of the body length in females, and the full body length in males. Distribution The animals are rarely found and their distribution area extends over parts of Malaysia .

The eggs are about 7 mm long and 1.9 mm thick, dark mahogany brown with a grey area at the anterior pole. The incubation period is as described in the HH method on slightly moist sand and lasts about 5-6 months at about 20-23 °C. The approximately 14 mm long larvae consist of an orange-brown body, black eyes and two white-black ringed antennae .

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