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Glass bell with prepared butterflies (blue/white)

Glass bell with prepared butterflies (blue/white)

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of butterflies with our exquisite glass bell jar, artfully arranged by our award-winning Dutch taxidermists. These unique works showcase a stunning selection of butterflies including Morpho Menelaus, Ulysess Ulysess, Morpho Deidamia, Morpho Luna and many more. Each butterfly has been carefully selected and arranged in a harmonious composition to create an impressive visual experience.

The glass bell not only serves as protection for these delicate beauties, but also as a stylish decorative piece for your home or office. Each piece is handmade and unique, capturing the beauty and diversity of nature.

Discover the elegance and grace of butterflies with our award-winning collection and bring a piece of nature into your life. Perfect as a gift for nature lovers and collectors or as a special highlight in your own collection.

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