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Goliath beetle flying - Goliathus orientalis - male

Goliath beetle flying - Goliathus orientalis - male

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Goliath beetle - Goliathus orientalis - male - flying

Goliath beetles are large beetles from the subfamily Cetoniinae. They reach a length of up to 10 cm and the color of their chitinous shell varies depending on the species. They are native to West and Central Africa, inhabit tropical rainforests and tree savannas, and feed on tree sap at night.

The beetles have characteristic features such as an elongated head with an appendage, on which a forked horn is located in males. Their antennae are short and thicken at the end to form a club.

The larvae of these beetles are large grubs that grow up to 15 cm long and feed on dead wood. They are an important source of protein in the diet in Central Africa. Weighing up to 110 grams, the Goliath beetle larvae are the heaviest insects. Dead beetles are popular with collectors and are expensive.

The genus Goliathus belongs to the family of scarab beetles (Scarabaeidae) and the subfamily of rose chafers (Cetoniinae). They are a fascinating example of the diversity of the insect world.

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