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Great Wanderer - Hebomoia leucippe

Great Wanderer - Hebomoia leucippe

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Great Wanderer - Hebomoia leucippe

Hebomoia leucippe, also known as the Great Wanderer or Great White, is a striking butterfly belonging to the family Pieridae. This species is native to South and Southeast Asia and is known for its imposing size and striking appearance.

Striking appearance and size:
The wings of the Great Wanderer are predominantly white, with the outer edges of the forewings fringed with black markings, although females may have a slightly yellowish tint. The wingspan of this butterfly can be up to 11 centimeters, making it one of the largest in its family.

Mass migrations:
Hebomoia leucippe is known for its long-distance migrations, which earned it its common name "wanderer". These migrations can cover hundreds of kilometers and often occur in large flocks. During these migrations they can traverse various habitats, from open fields to forested areas.

Nutrition and life cycle:
The caterpillars of the Great Wanderer butterfly feed mainly on plants of the genus Capparis, found in the Capparaceae family. The species goes through several stages of development, starting as an egg, then as a caterpillar, before turning into a pupa and finally emerging as an adult butterfly.

Fascination and ecological significance:
Hebomoia leucippe is a fascinating object for entomologists and nature observers alike due to its striking appearance, imposing size and mass migrations. Its migrations may also have ecological implications as they contribute to the dispersal of pollen and may also influence predation and parasitism.

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