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Hand-carved gilded mirror - Johann Friedrich Funk, Bern around 1750

Hand-carved gilded mirror - Johann Friedrich Funk, Bern around 1750

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Johann Friedrich Funk (I.) (baptized on April 4, 1706 in Murten; - April 1, 1775 in Bern; citizen of Nidau) was a Swiss sculptor.

Funk was the second eldest son of Johann Lorenz Funk, a postal forwarder from Frankfurt am Main, and Anna Margaritha, née Sergant. The Ebenist Mathäus Funk was his older brother. Funk learned the craft of sculpture in Bern. Since his apprenticeship he had been friends with Johann August Nahl, who lived in Bern from 1746 to 1755. In Bern from 1733 he created architectural sculptures such as house signs, portals, gable reliefs, fountains, statues and the new mayor's throne. But he also worked outside the Bernese rule: he created tombs, epitaphs and facade sculptures in Basel, where he also decorated the Wildt?sche Haus. Mirrors, frames, console tables and much more also left his workshop.

In 1749 he received permission from the Bernese Council to set up a marble saw and grinder in the Matte in Bern. Here he processed marbles and limestone from the Bernese Oberland (Grindelwald, Rosenlaui, Zweilütschinen) and from Vaud (between Yvorne and Roche VD, for example Viviser Marmor, Truche Fardel quarry, or Truchefardel Yvorne).[1] He received the latter from Jean David Fatio, an employee of the marble cutters Marbriers Doret from Vevey. The works for the monastery, the Burgerspital, the Blatternhaus, the library gallery and the Hôtel de Musique in Bern are outstanding. After his death, his son of the same name, Johann Friedrich Funk, took over the workshop.

The most important and extensive collection of works by Johann Friedrich Funk (I) is now in Jegenstorf Castle; his written estate is in the Burgerbibliothek Bern.

Dimensions: 163 x 81 cm

Provenance: Estate of Albert v. Gross (Bern/Weimar)

In perfect condition with some blind spots in the glass due to age.
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