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Idea blanchardii marosiana

Idea blanchardii marosiana

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Idea blanchardii marosiana

is a butterfly in the subfamily Danainae of the family Nymphalidae . The scientific name of the species was first validly published by Marchal in 1845.

Nymphalidae are generally medium-sized butterflies with a striking flight: a short glide after each wing beat. Caterpillars are usually hairy or have spines and the pupae often have shiny spots. The front legs of the butterflies are usually not fully developed, so that it appears as if they only have four legs. The front legs, like the other legs, are not used for holding leaves, but for cleaning the head and antennae. The upper side of the wings is often strikingly colored, while the underside always has a camouflage pattern. Both sexes are often differently colored. The wingspan varies between 3 and 15 cm.

The diet of adult butterflies consists of many types of liquids. They are attracted to fruits, dung, carcasses, urine and even gasoline.

Distribution and habitat:
This family is found worldwide in flower meadows, open forests, parks and gardens.

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