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Japanese Emperor Butterfly - Sasakia charonda

Japanese Emperor Butterfly - Sasakia charonda

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Japanese Emperor Butterfly - Sasakia charonda

Sasakia charonda, also known as the "Japanese Emperor" or "Great Purple Emperor", is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family native to East Asia, especially Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. Here are some characteristics, lifestyle and information about its distribution:


  • Size: Sasakia charonda is one of the largest butterflies in East Asia with a wingspan of about 7 to 10 centimeters.
  • Wings: The wings of the Sasakia charonda have a characteristic purple-brown color with striking white spots and black lines.
  • Sexual dimorphism: Males and females differ slightly in their appearance. Males often have a more striking shade of purple on their wings, while females tend to be slightly larger and have less intense colors.
  • Proboscis: Like most butterflies, Sasakia charonda has a long proboscis that allows it to suck nectar from flowers.

Way of life:

  • Habitat: These butterflies mainly inhabit deciduous forests and wooded areas where their caterpillars find food.
  • Diet: The adult butterflies feed on the nectar of various flowering plants, while the caterpillars feed on the leaves of certain tree species, including oaks.
  • Flight time: Sasakia charonda is usually from May to September
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