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Jewel beetle - Cyphogastra javanica

Jewel beetle - Cyphogastra javanica

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Jewel beetle - Cyphogastra javanica

The Buprestidae, commonly known as jewel beetles, are a family of beetles famous for their striking, shiny colors and often metallic surfaces. This family includes over 15,000 described species worldwide, many of which display an impressive variety of shapes and colors.

Jewel beetles have a robust, oval body shape and are typically medium to large in size. Their elytra are often highly sculptured and shiny, with the metallic color created by light refraction. This characteristic has earned them the name "jewel beetles" as their appearance is reminiscent of cut gemstones.

Jewel beetle larvae often live in wood and feed on plant material. Many species are known to parasitize various tree species, while others develop in dead wood. Some jewel beetle species are potentially harmful to forestry due to their ability to live in living trees.

Although most jewel beetles are harmless, some species can be sought after by collectors due to their spectacular appearance and rarity. This has led to some stress on some populations, particularly in areas of intensive collecting activity.

Overall, jewel beetles are a fascinating group of insects known for their beauty and diversity. They also play an important role in various ecosystems, whether through the decomposition of wood or as a food source for other animals. Protecting and conserving their habitats is therefore vital to ensure the survival of this impressive family of insects.

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