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Moon butterfly - Morpho Luna

Moon butterfly - Morpho Luna

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Moon butterfly - Morpho Luna

The genus Morpho includes a variety of impressive butterfly species known for their striking and dazzling blue colors. Here is some general information about Morpho butterflies:

Genus and taxonomy:
Morpho belongs to the family Nymphalidae and the subfamily Morphinae. This genus includes over 80 recognized species.

Features and appearance:
Morpho Luna butterflies are characterized by their large wings, which often shimmer in an intense white. The wings can also be decorated with patterns, eyespots and metallic reflections. The undersides of the wings are usually less conspicuous, often with camouflage colors and patterns for mimicry.

Distribution and habitat:
Morpho butterflies are native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. Their habitat extends from Mexico to the Amazon region.

Lifestyle and behavior:
Morpho butterflies are generally diurnal and often fly close to the ground along the undergrowth layer. Males are often territorial and will defend certain areas from other males.

Butterfly caterpillars usually feed on plants that occur in their respective habitats.

Economic importance and protection:
Because of their striking appearance, Morpho butterflies are sometimes used for butterfly breeding and trade, particularly for their wings, which can be made into crafts and jewelry. Some species may be threatened by habitat loss and illegal collection, and protecting their natural habitats is crucial.

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