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Phaedimus lumawigi

Phaedimus lumawigi

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Phaedimus lumawigi

is a genus of beetles belonging to the subfamily Cetoniinae in the species-rich group Scarabaeoidea.

Look :
Medium-sized (preferably 20-25 millimeters), slightly elongated, metallic-colored golden perch. The males have horn-like outgrowths on both the head and pronotum, which can be quite long in some species and converge towards each other, forming a pinch formation. The pronotum is very shiny, greenish-metallic. The elytra have a black lateral stripe and are more copper-colored. The legs, especially the front legs of the males, are quite long and slender.

The genus appears to be endemic to the Philippines .

As is to be expected from such a species-rich group, there is great variation in lifestyle within the group. However, the peculiar body shape of the larvae limits the possibilities – almost none of the species are active predators, and all live more or less hidden in the larval stage, most of them underground. Many species have larvae that feed on dung, often buried by the parents in a special larval chamber. Others live in heavily decomposed, dead wood or on plant roots in the soil. Some species live in the nests of ants and termites. Larval development can take several years, and the adult beetles can also live relatively long lives. The adult beetles almost always fly well, although they can be quite heavy. Many species visit flowers, others feed on rotting fruit or leaking plant sap. Many are nocturnal and like to come into the light.

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