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Swallowtail butterfly - Graphium weiskei

Swallowtail butterfly - Graphium weiskei

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Swallowtail butterfly - Graphium weiskei

Graphium weiskei, also known as Weiske's Swallowtail or Emerald Swallowtail, is a butterfly in the Papilionidae family. This species is known for its bright emerald color and striking wing pattern.

The butterflies of Graphium weiskei are characterized by their bright green color, which has earned them the nickname "Emerald Swallowtail". The forewings are dark green with narrow black edges. The hindwings are broader and have a striking black and white pattern reminiscent of swallowtails.

Graphium weiskei is native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, particularly in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. The species prefers dense forest areas and is often found near rivers and streams.

Way of life:
The caterpillars of Graphium weiskei feed on plants of the genera Lauraceae and Hernandiaceae. The adult butterflies like to suck nectar from various flowers, especially from plants in the forest clearings.

Protection status:
Due to the beauty and rarity of Graphium weiskei, this species is often protected. Their habitat loss due to deforestation and environmental changes poses a threat to their populations.

Graphium weiskei is a popular subject for collectors and butterfly enthusiasts due to its striking colors and patterns. It also serves as a symbol for the preservation of tropical rainforests and the need to protect endangered species.

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