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Rothschild butterfly - Stichophthalma louisa siamensis

Rothschild butterfly - Stichophthalma louisa siamensis

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Rothschild butterfly - Stichophthalma louisa siamensis


  • Size: The Rothschild butterfly is medium-sized with a wingspan of about 6 to 8 centimeters.
  • Wings: The wings of Stichophthalma louisa siamensis are predominantly brown with white, yellow and orange markings.
  • Sexual dimorphism: Males and females have similar appearances, although males can sometimes have slightly brighter colors.

Way of life:

  • Habitat: These butterflies mainly inhabit tropical rainforests and wooded areas.
  • Diet: The adult butterflies feed on nectar of various flowering plants, while the caterpillars feed on the leaves of certain plant species.
  • Flight time: The Rothschild butterfly is usually active from March to October.
  • Reproduction: The females lay their eggs individually on leaves, on which the caterpillars feed after hatching.


  • Geographical distribution: The Rothschild butterfly is native to Southeast Asia, especially in countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and Vietnam.
  • Frequency: Populations of Stichophthalma louisa siamensis may vary depending on habitat availability and environmental conditions.
  • Conservation status: Due to habitat destruction and fragmentation, some subspecies of the Rothschild butterfly are endangered and conservation measures are being taken to conserve their habitats.

The Rothschild butterfly (Stichophthalma louisa siamensis) is of interest because of its striking wing patterns and its role in the ecosystem as a pollinator of plants.

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