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Discover, observe and identify butterflies

Discover, observe and identify butterflies

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The 160 most common diurnal species in Central Europe

Ideal for beginners: an identification guide that focuses entirely on the most easily observable butterfly species. Portraits of 160 butterflies and diurnal moths: scientific drawings and precise information make identification easier.

The book about the “Adventure Butterfly Days” of the BUND (German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation).

This identification book portrays 160 species of butterflies that can be found in Germany. In addition to the common butterflies, it also includes those moth species that are mostly active during the day or at dusk.

A table showing the seasonal development of the animals and texts on their appearance, behavior, habitat, and food and nectar plants characterize the individual butterfly species. Detailed scientific drawings, each of which shows the butterflies in their original size, highlight the key features and make identification in the field easier.

Butterfly lovers will soon not want to be without this handy nature guide on hikes and excursions.

1st edition 2015
376 pages, 480 scientific drawings, 145 colour photos
Softcover (flexo brochure), 13.8 x 21 cm, 805 g
Main Publishing

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