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Butterfly knowledge - biology, habitats, observation

Butterfly knowledge - biology, habitats, observation

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  • All the basic knowledge for observing butterflies.
  • Overview of the relationships of the 3700 native butterfly and moth species.
  • Lots of practical tips from an experienced nature observer.

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This book provides those interested in butterflies with basic knowledge about this fascinating order of insects and, above all, awakens the joy of observing nature. It is not an identification book that lists the individual species, but rather attempts to depict both the general and the diversity of local butterflies. A previous biological knowledge is not necessary, as technical terms are introduced and explained. In a technically precise but understandable way, readers learn about the typical characteristics of these insects using schematic illustrations and characteristic photos and learn a lot about the life cycle from egg to caterpillar and pupa to butterfly. It shows which enemies butterflies are exposed to and how they counteract these threats.
In addition to an overview of the internal relationships of the approximately 3,700 native species of butterflies and moths, common and special habitats are presented. What endangers butterflies and what measures should be taken to protect them are also discussed. Practical tips in particular enable non-biologists to find and recognize numerous species in nature and to discover the beauty and diversity of butterflies. Information on observing and documenting butterflies rounds off the knowledge overview.

1st edition 2024
208 pages, 195 color illustrations
Softcover with flaps, 15.5 x 22.5 cm, 550 g
Main Publishing
CHF 28.00 (RRP) / EUR 26.00 (D) / EUR 26.80 (A)

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