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Peacock butterfly - Aglais io

Peacock butterfly - Aglais io

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Peacock butterfly - Aglais io

Aglais io, also known as the "peacock butterfly", is a butterfly from the Nymphalidae family. The scientific name "Aglais io" is based on Greek mythology and refers to Io, a priestess of the god Hera. The peacock butterfly is widespread in many parts of Europe and can also be found in North Africa and parts of Asia.

The Peacock butterfly is characterized by its striking coloration. The upper sides of the wings are orange-red with black spots and a characteristic "eye spot" on each upper side of the wing. The undersides of the wings are dark brown with similar eyespots that serve as camouflage.

Way of life:
The caterpillars of the peacock butterfly feed on stinging nettles, which makes them inedible for predators. The adult butterflies like to suck nectar from flowers and are especially active in spring and summer.

The Peacock butterfly overwinters as a moth in protected places such as tree hollows or buildings and is often seen on mild winter days.

The Peacock butterfly is widespread in Europe and can be found in various habitats such as gardens, forests, meadows and even urban areas.

Ecological significance:
The peacock butterfly plays an important role in the ecosystem as a pollinator of flowering plants. The caterpillars in turn serve as food for various birds and insects.

The Peacock butterfly is a well-known and popular butterfly in many regions of Europe due to its striking appearance and wide distribution.

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