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Victorina stelenes - underside - White Tree Nymph

Victorina stelenes - underside - White Tree Nymph

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Victorina stelenes - underside - White Tree Nymph

The butterfly Victorina stelenes, commonly known as the White Tree Nymph, is a striking species in the tree nymph family (Nymphalidae) and the subfamily Heliconiinae. Here is some information about this butterfly:

Features and appearance:
Victorina stelenes is characterized by its striking black and white pattern. The upper sides of the wings are predominantly black with white stripes and spots, while the undersides are plainer and less contrasting. The wingspan of this butterfly can be between 7 and 9 centimeters.

Distribution and habitat:
The White Tree Nymph is native to various parts of the Neotropics, including Central America and South America. Its habitat extends across a variety of environments, including tropical forests, gardens, and open landscapes.

Lifestyle and diet:
Like many butterflies, Victorina stelenes feeds mainly on nectar from flowering plants. The caterpillars of this species feed on the leaves of various plants belonging to the Passifloraceae family.

Behavior and life cycle:
The life cycle of Victorina stelenes includes egg laying by the female, development of the caterpillar, pupation and the emergence of the adult butterfly. The pupae of Victorina stelenes are often strikingly green in color and have spine-like projections.

Meaning and protection:
Although the White Tree Nymph is not considered endangered, many butterfly species are threatened due to habitat loss and environmental impacts. Preservation of natural habitats, particularly tropical forests, is important for the survival of this and other butterfly species.

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